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When you decide to allow Infinite Coaching assist you with your goals, you become a member of The P.E.P.P Squad!   

The P.E.P.P Squad is a group of determined women who are ready to see change in their lives through accomplishing goals that have been stagnant for far too long! Coach Q will assist you as you walk into purpose with weekly/biweekly/or monthly P.E.P.P. Talks. These sessions will help help you:   

PLAN: Meet with Coach Q face to face or via FaceTime or video chat to plan and develop your concrete goals!  

EXPLORE: Explore the various possibilities you have to accomplish your goals as well  explore the numerous ways to navigate obstacles that may arise while executing your plan!  

PERSEVERE: Coach Q will help you confront and tackle fear, procrastination, and frustrations that may surface while you do the work it accomplish your goals!   

PROSPER: Coach Q will personally celebrate you and fellow Squad members with a Prosper Party when your goals are accomplished!   

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Squad members will have access to a private Facebook group for added support between one on one P.E.P.P. Talks, as well as access to a weekly encouragement video that will be posted for all on Facebook as well!  

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